Coaches Helping Coaches – Alena & Marissa

Alena & Marissa 

The Coaches Helping Coaches (CHC) program supports experienced coaches in recruiting and mentoring new coaches into the Ontario sport community. Alena and Marissa are a coaching pair who successfully completed the program in 2014-2015. Read on to find out more about their experience!


 New Coach – Marissa
Passion to Fitness, Artistic Gymnastics
Hamilton, ON




How did this program benefit you as a new coach?
I have been able to learn coaching skills and technique from not only a coach but a friend as well.

What NCCP workshop(s) did you complete?
Gymnastics Foundations and Making Head Way

What was the most important thing that you learned as part of your NCCP Training(s)?
To always be there for your students.

What is your favourite part of coaching?
Being able to watch the success of each student throughout the year.

What are the next steps for you in coaching?
Continue working on the different levels of certification and assisting in competitions.



Mentor Coach – Alena
Passion to Fitness, Artistic Gymastic
Hamilton, ON


Why did you decide to become a coach?
To allow others to find their potential as I did.

What is your favourite part of coaching?
Being able to see how far each student has come over a single year is amazing.

How did the program benefited you as a mentor? 
This program really gave me an opportunity to see coaching from a different perspective.

What type of feedback was given to your New Coach?
Be tough but fair and stand by your word.


 Apply for the 2015-2016  Coaches Helping Coaches  Program during  National Coaches Week in Ontario  September 19-27, 2015