Coaches Helping Coaches – Dominic & Devon

Dominic &  Devon

The Coaches Helping Coaches (CHC) program supports experienced coaches in recruiting and mentoring new coaches into the Ontario sport community. Dominic and Devon are a coaching pair who successfully completed the program in 2014-2015. Read on to find out more about their experience!


New Coach -Devon
Coaching Assistant
Soong Badminton Academy

Ottawa, ON


Where did you actively begin coaching during the program?

I started actively coaching badminton as a coaching assistant with Soong Badminton Academy at the Ottawa Montessori School after-school program. Most of the players had never played badminton before.

What NCCP workshop(s) did you complete?

Badminton Technical and Tactical Skills for Regional Coach, Make Ethical Decisions, Planning a Practice, and Nutrition

What was the most important thing that you learned as part of your NCCP Training(s)?

The most important thing I learned as part of my NCCP Training was the importance of the players as individuals. Coaching requires a lot more than running drills and activities. Through the NCCP and Soong Badminton Academy, I learned that, as coaches, we must always be thinking of players’ needs, safety and enjoyment above all else. It is our job to not only facilitate learning, but to create a fun and safe environment for players of all ages, playing levels, and backgrounds.

Please explain how this program has benefited you as a coach.

This program has benefited me as a coach by drastically accelerating my development as a coach, badminton player, and leader. I have been awarded many unique and valuable opportunities as a result of the Coaches Helping Coaches program that no other player in my club or region has been available to. All of the extra one-on-one training with Dominic and the rest of the SBA leadership team has allowed me to excel not only as a coach, but also as a player. Other opportunities such as tournament organizing, practice planning, and camp leadership have given me valuable skills that I will be able to use in my future career as a teacher and coach.

What is your favourite part of coaching?

My favourite part of coaching is watching the development of my players over time. With SBA, I have had the opportunity to work with many players of varying skill levels throughout the year. Whether it is guiding new players through all of the dynamic and varying shots of badminton or helping refine the skills of more experienced players, every improvement and success brings me so much joy. The relationship between my players and I that we build through every practice, struggle, and game is also very special to me.

What are the next steps for you in coaching?

The next steps for me in coaching are coaching as a fully certified NCCP Regional Badminton Coach throughout this next year with SBA, aiding in the development of players and coaches in my area and refining my skills so that, in the future, I can obtain the next level of NCCP certification in bdminton.



Mentor Coach – Dominic Soong
Head Coach
Soong Badminton Academy
Ottawa, ON




Why did you decide to become a coach?

I have always had a passion for the sport of badminton, having played competitively since age 12. I wanted to continue with the sport I loved as a player, and give back to the next generation of players. I wanted to share my knowledge and experiences to help develop our sport. While I have worked with all levels of players from beginner 6 year olds, to Olympic athletes, my focus has been to inspire all young players to challenge themselves to excel to their own potential, and take advantage of the opportunities that sport can offer.

What is your favourite part of coaching?

To see the satisfaction and growth in player self-confidence when they accomplish things they have worked hard for, and perhaps thought not possible. To see the positive impact sport can have on players’ lives in terms of the development of their life skills – teamwork, communications, leadership. To use sport as a conduit for teaching life skills, and offering leadership development opportunities. Being told that our programs are well structured and well taught, and that they are the first choice of activity and training organization for their child.

How did the program benefited you as a mentor? 

This program allowed me to reflect on the power of sport for the development of the person as a whole, reminding me to continue to provide opportunities for aspiring coaches for their own self development. The program provided a structure, and a feedback mechanism to help guide new coaches on their coaching journey. The program reinforced the power of mentoring for the development of strong and successful coaches….a role which we encourage all of our experienced coaches to embrace to help move the sport forward.

What type of feedback was given to your New Coach?

Connecting with each player both as a person, and as an athlete is critical for success – the players need to know we care. Attention needs to be invested in all players, including those who are less talented. Keen coaches embrace opportunities outside the scheduled hours, and look for opportunities for ongoing self-development so that we can give our athletes our best. Time management is important during all coaching sessions. When a coach exudes confidence, enthusiasm and energy, the players will most often give back even more energy, and perform at higher levels.


 Apply for the 2015-2016  Coaches Helping Coaches  Program during  National Coaches Week in Ontario  September 19-27, 2015