Coaches Helping Coaches – Jason & Julia

Jason & Julia

The Coaches Helping Coaches (CHC) program supports experienced coaches in recruiting and mentoring new coaches into the Ontario sport community. Jason and Julia are a coaching pair who successfully completed the program in 2014-2015. Read on to find out more about their experience!



New Coach -Julia
Assistant Horizontal and Vertical Jumps Coach
University of Guelph, Track and Field

Guelph, ON



What was the most important thing that you learned as part of your NCCP Training(s)?

I learned that there are different ways to manage conflict not just with athletes, but also their parents. You’ll have to find time and a way to explain the situation so that it doesn’t get out of hand. I also learned a lot about injuries and ways we can prevent them. I learned a number of exercises that we can do/improve upon to maximize their benefit.

What NCCP workshop(s) did you complete?
Managing ConflictPrevention and Recovery of Injury, and  Making Headway in Sport

Please explain how this program has benefited you as a coach.
I have learned to be a more attentive coach. I would say being an athlete/coach helped me understand where the athlete was coming from, but this program has allowed me to fully see the other side of the spectrum. I always knew there was more to coaching than met the eye, and this really opened my eyes to everything they have to deal with.

What is your favourite part of coaching?
My favourite part of coaching is when the athlete has been working on a drill or a part of their sport and they have a breakthrough. This can lead to personal bests, but my favourite part is when they finally believe in themselves and finally believe what I knew all along about them – that they can be successful.

What are the next steps for you in coaching?
I will continue helping the University of Guelph’s Track and Field team throughout the school year. I will begin attaining my Athletics’s coaching levels so I can be a better coach in the future.



Mentor Coach – Jason
Associate Head Coach
University of Guelph, Track and Field
Guelph, ON


Why did you decide to become a coach?

I love pursuing excellence in any competitive endeavour and wanted to work hard to give back to the future athletes.

What is your favourite part of coaching?
Seeing the personalities of young athletes grow and help them become more fully formed, resilient and confident young adults. Sport as a platform for teaching and learning so many life changing skills and perspectives.

How did the program benefited you as a mentor? 
Gave me an opportunity to oversee a young, passionate student-athlete learn and grow as a coach and mentor of her own athlete group. I sincerely believe that teaching and explaining your own philosophy and methods is the best way to truly learn and ingrain ideas into your own mind. This program allowed me to do that in an organized fashion.

What type of feedback was given to your New Coach?
Julia was passionate, and had an exceptional understanding of the events that she was coaching. Her confidence and personality in front of groups of people has grown a great deal since she began as a coach and I think this will have a tremendous impact on her general leadership abilities. She is a fantastic coach already and I can’t wait to see her continue on in future years with more athletes.


 Apply for the 2015-2016  Coaches Helping Coaches  Program during  National Coaches Week in Ontario  September 19-27, 2015