Coaches Helping Coaches – Michael & Heather

Michael & Heather

The Coaches Helping Coaches (CHC) program supports experienced coaches in recruiting and mentoring new coaches into the Ontario sport community. Michael and Heather are a coaching pair who successfully completed the program in 2015-2016. Read on to find out more about their experience!

Heather WalkerNew Coach – Heather Walker
Assistant Coach
Northern Chill Volleyball Club
Sudbury, ON


Where did you actively begin coaching during the program?

Assistant Coach | Women’s 18U volleyball team | Northern Chill Volleyball Club | Sudbury, Ontario

What NCCP workshop(s) did you complete?

Volleyball – Development Coach In-Person Workshop and E-Modules

What was the most important thing that you learned as part of your NCCP Training(s)?

Understanding the most important ideas and goals when it comes to creating a practice plan and how to make sure the environment is completely safe for everyone. The in-person workshop further developed my sport-specific strategies for practice planning and how to keep everyone engaged, not just at one practice, but throughout the year.Please explain how this program has benefited you as a coach.

What is your favourite part of coaching?

The best part of coaching is the overall experience you have with your athletes as a positive role model. In the end, it is about creating an environment where athletes not only develop their skills, but where they grow more on a personal level. Providing an enriching experience where they become great teammates and further develop an appreciation for the sport is very special.

What are the next steps for you in coaching?

Continuing to grow in my position as a coach, eventually leading to a head coaching position. Being able to set out positive and attainable season goals and creating a plan, with the athletes, to best meet the team’s needs.



Mentor Coach – Michael Margarit
Head Coach
Northern Chill Volleyball Club
Sudbury, ON


Why did you decide to become a coach?

I decided to become a part initially as a way to stay involved in volleyball. However I realized early into my coaching development that it was a way for me to give back and make a positive impact on future athletes.

What is your favourite part of coaching?

Guiding athletes through the process as they move through their development. It is a great source of pride and joy when the athlete experiences a breakthrough and they realize the path to get to that point was worth it. The relationships that I have been fortunate to develop over the years, is extremely important and special to me.

How did the program benefited you as a mentor?

I feel that the program was a great benefit to me in terms of forcing myself to be critical in the planning and evaluation of my training plans and season goals. It also allowed for a positive exchange of ideas with my staff and the introduction of some new tools that was brought to the coaching staff. It was also a great reminder of the first steps I took in my coaching development and some of the challenges that I faced. It also provided me with access to additional resources during the course of the season.

What type of feedback was given to your New Coach?

Heather did an exceptional job this season. It was apparent early on that she had both the technical skills and temperament to succeed as a coach in our organization. She was tasked with planning training sessions at scheduled times during the course of the season and was responsible for our defensive alignments during competitions.

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Apply for the 2016-2017 Coaches Helping Coaches Program during National Coaches Week in Ontario September 17-25, 2016

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