Are you a coach that knows someone with the potential to be an amazing new coach?

The Coaches Helping Coaches program, as part of National Coaches Week in Ontario, was created with the purpose of recruiting and supporting new coaches in the province. It embodies the CAO’s “Coaches Helping Coaches ” philosophy by offering encouragement, support and recognition to coaches in the community who actively mentor and develop the newer coaches.  In addition to the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), we at the CAO understand that mentorship and learning from other coaches plays an important role in a coach’s education.

Coaches interested in a Mentorship program for 2017 are encouraged apply to the Changing the Game Program for Female Apprentice Coaches and Male and Female Mentor Coaches.

Congratulations to Coaches Helping Coaches Program Cycle of 2016-2017

Carolyn Horner and Laura Shield – Toronto, ON (Equestrian)
Donald McFaul and Meesa Lydiate – Vankleek Hill, ON (Curling)
Laura Mouck and Lauren Stokes – Nepean, ON (Synchronized Swimming)
Paul Vilchez and Brittany Kerkhof – Hamilton, ON (Weightlifting)
Rahim Mohamed and Cameron Hepple – Toronto, ON (Soccer)
Ron Guilbault and Franz Ohler – Emburn, ON (Curling)
Sarah Gray and Chris Waghorn– Brooklin, ON (Curling)

Past Coaches Helping Coaches Program Stories


Jim Jennings and Shane Hesmondhalgh – Bradford, ON (Karate)
Karen Hillis and Eddie Luetchford – Bowmanville, ON (Swimming)
Larry Jaroslawski and Daniel Fillman – Cambellville, ON (Wrestling)
Laura McClemont and Marin Pollock – Toronto, ON (Synchronized Swimming)
Lyn Bain and Russ Robinet – Windsor, ON (Baseball)
Masha Zakharenkova and Yuriy Brozdnychenko – Aurora, ON (Badminton)
Michael Margarit and Heather Walker – Sudbury, ON (Volleyball)
Peter Khang and Sui On Wong – Richmond Hill, ON (Volleyball)
Rick Collings and Kathleen Cull – Ottawa, ON (Curling)
Sandra Beedham and Stephanie Mascarin – Brantford, ON (Volleyball)
Vanessa Bessey and Jeanine Enns – Toronto, ON (Synchronized Swimming)


Dominic Soong and Devon Hamilton – Ottawa, ON (Badminton)
Patti Walsh and Mitchell Schrum – Kitchener, ON (Speed Skating )
Alena Zolotareva and Marissa Pfeffer – Hamilton, ON (Gymnastics)
Josh Nichol and  Matt Vares – Toronto, ON (Volleyball)
Patrick Brown and  Roger Antonio – Newmarket, ON (Basketball)
Jason Kerr and  Julia Wallace – Guelph, ON (Track and Field)

For any questions about Coaches Helping Coaches please contact Mercedes Watson at 416-426-7139 or