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May 27, 4 years ago

Experts Express 2014

The Coaches Association of Ontario is thrilled to be launching their very successful Experts Express program for a third time! The Experts Express program provides club coaches in Ontario with the opportunity to further the knowledge they have learned in their NCCP training with the assistance of provincially endorsed experts.  As an expansion of various Competition Introduction and Competition Development modules, the four areas of expertise available are Sports Psychology, Nutrition, Leadership & Management and Coaching Athletes with a Disability.

Funded by the Quest for Gold Lottery – Enhanced Coaching Program, 10 successful applicants will be allotted 8-12 paid hours with their assigned expert, an estimated value of $1000.  The expert will be provided with a club profile and will create a tailored program plan to suit the specific needs of the coach and club.

The timeline for this year’s session of Experts Express will run from July 2014 until March 1, 2015, allowing coaches to use the provided expertise at a time most convenient and effective for their club.  The application is now online, and the deadline for submission is June 25th, 2014. All eligible coaches are encouraged to apply – this is an opportunity not to be missed!

In the previous two sessions of Experts Express, a combined 41 coach/club groups have benefitted from the program across 21 sports, including volleyball, basketball, baseball, soccer, field hockey, rugby, hockey, figure skating, curling, Nordic & freestyle skiing, biathlon, snowboarding, karate, boxing, fencing, archery, athletics, equestrian, water polo, and synchronized swimming.  In both previous sessions, the CAO has received overwhelming positive feedback from participant groups.

The CAO believes that the Expert Express program has the potential to be extremely beneficial for coaches across the province.  Access to this level of expertise can take your coaching abilities to the next level, and assist in fostering relationships between club coaches and specialists in these four areas.  We hope that this program has a ripple effect – that coaches participating share their new found knowledge with their peers and apply it in practice, ultimately heightening the level of sport in Ontario.

Please visit the Experts Express page of our website here, for further program details, information on coach eligibility, selection criteria and the online application & PSO support form.  If you have any further questions or concerns, contact Shelby Harding by email at or by phone at 416-426-7139.

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