Let’s Get Coaching!

2016 Coaches Trained in Celebration of the  Legacy of the
 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games


Thinking about becoming a coach?  The City of Toronto, in partnership with Coaches Association of Ontario and MLSE Foundation, will be offering National Coaching Certification Program training throughout 2016, starting in January. The  Fundamental Movement Skills  workshop and 27 sport-specific training sessions will be available at community recreation centres and other facilities. Best of all, these sessions will be  FREE  for Toronto residents and open to non-residents for  a small fee.

Fundamental Movement Skills

The fundamental movement skills of throwing, catching, jumping, striking, running, kicking, agility, balance and coordination form the basis for future sport skill development and for the life-long enjoyment of physical activity.  This workshop is for individuals who want to learn how to instruct, observe, and correct the skill and give you plenty of opportunity to practice teaching these skills to young children. A full list of available workshops is provided below:

Location Day Date Time Registration Code
 Humberwood Community Centre (Rm. 1013/1016B)  Sat.  May 28 2016  10:00AM- 6:30PM  2907591
 Earl Bales Community Centre (Banquet Hall B)  Sun.  Oct. 2 2016  10:00AM- 6:30PM  2905869

to go directly to the Toronto FUN Online listings. CLICK HERE for how to register.

Multi-Sport NCCP Courses

These NCCP workshops are suitable for instructors, community and competition coaches in any sport stream that work with athletes over the long term to improve performance. In these courses, coaches will learn about making ethical decisions, how to plan a practice, basic mental skills and many more. A full list of available workshops is provided below:

Course Location Day Date Time Registration Code
 NCCP Planning a Practice  Metro Hall (Rm. 308)  Sat.  October 22 2016  9:30AM- 4:30PM  2909378
 NCCP Make Ethical Decisions  Metro Hall (Rm. 308)  Sun.  October 23 2016  10:00AM- 1:30PM  2909377
 NCCP Nutrition  Metro Hall (Rm. 308)  Sun.  October 23 2016  2:00PM- 4:00PM  2909380
 NCCP Teaching and Learning  Metro Hall (Rm. 308)  Sat.  November 12 2016  9:30AM- 4:30PM  2909381
 NCCP Design a Basic Sports Program  Metro Hall (Rm. 308)  Sun.  November 13 2016  10:00PM- 2:00PM  2909382
 NCCP Basic Mental Skills  Metro Hall (Rm. 308)  Sun.  November 13 2016  2:30PM- 5:30PM  2909383

to go directly to the Toronto FUN Online listings. CLICK HERE for how to register.

Sport-Specific Training

Trainings for individuals interested in coaching a specific sport in the community sport and/or instructional stream of the NCCP such as athletics, basketball, soccer, swimming, wheelchair sports, and many more.  In these workshops, coaches will learn how to instruct, observe and correct skills for a particular sport. For more details about scheduled sport-specific workshops, such as locations, dates, time and registration codes, please view the brochure above.

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*Please note you must be a City of Toronto resident to register*

How to Register

There are several different ways to register with the City of Toronto’s Parks, Forestry, and Recreation system. Please note: Family and Client Numbers are required for touch tone or online registration. If you do not already have these, please call 416-338-4386 before registering.

Online Registration (7 a.m. – midnight)
Go to toronto.ca/torontofun and click on the FUN ONLINE Register Now button. Please  read all information prior to registering.

Touch Tone Registration (TTR) (7 a.m. – midnight)
Call 416-338-0000 and follow the voice prompts.

Telephone Assisted (8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.)
Call 416-338-4386 during regular business hours and speak to a customer service representative.

In Person
Register in person at one of the civic centres listed below during regular business hours:

Etobicoke Civic Centre  -399 The West Mall, 2nd floor
North York Civic Centre  – 5100 Yonge St., 3rd floor
Scarborough Civic Centre – 150 Borough Dr., 5th floor
Toronto City Hall – 100 Queen St., main floor


Let’s Get Coaching! was part of Toronto’s Host City Showcase Program in 2015. This Council-approved program was designed to ensure a legacy of long-term community benefits while enhancing the experience of the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games for residents and visitors.

For inquires about the Let’s Get Coaching! program please email  letsgetcoaching@toronto.ca

For inquires about coach education pathways and the NCCP please contact Mercedes Watson  mercedes@coachesontario.ca  or  416-426-7139