Coach Resources for COVID-19

  • June 03, 2021

Coaching During Lock down & Distancing

During this time of unprecedented challenge, the CAO is committed to supporting Ontario coaches with greater access to resources and supports as we all navigate these uncharted waters.

For the most relevant information for your sport, please check with your Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) Click here for a full list of PSOs in Ontario.

While you cannot physically be together as a team during these times, continuing to foster a sense of team is paramount to cohesion and a continued sense of community.

Virtual coaching and training sessions are a great way to keep the lines of communication open and sustain cohesion during this time. This format does come with some new safety considerations that all coaches must consider in order to maintain a safe and transparent training environment.

Everyone in the sports community is feeling the impact of COVID-19, and as a coach, you’ve likely spent some time wondering how you can best help your athletes stay positive and motivated from home.

Making time to take care of your own physical and mental well-being is just as important as supporting your athletes.

Stay on top of the latest data and updates from the Ontario Government, including Return to Play protocols for your sport and how to protect yourself and others.

Coach Training & Development

The CAO is committed to providing enhanced opportunities for coaches to learn and enhance their knowledge through extended funding and remote learning options.

The Quest for Gold Coach Bursary has been extended to Online Delivery courses.

If you complete an eligible NCCP multi-sport training via ‘Online Delivery’ you can now submit for a coach bursary to receive up to 60% back off the cost of the course.

This policy is in effect for courses starting from March 16th, 2020 until further notice.

75-90% back on training and certification

A multitude of NCCP and coach training in Ontario is available in alternative formats. The CAO supports alternative learning methods to provide coaches who are unable to attend an in-class course during these times with certification and/or professional development.

Online Delivery

  • Offering a virtual classroom experience on a scheduled date and time. Online courses are facilitator-led and group-based offered through a platform called Adobe Connect.

Home Study

  • Correspondence based learning method offerings an e-workbook to be completed at your own pace. Once complete you email the workbook to an assigned facilitator to be marked.


  • Completed at your own pace in an online format located inside your NCCP Locker account.

Remote NCCP learning opportunities

A multitude of eLearning training is available for free and/or discounted prices during COVID.

NCCP eLearning Options Available in the Locker:

  • NCCP Making Head Way in Sport – FREE
  • NCCP Emergency Action Plan – FREE
  • NCCP Sport Nutrition – $20
  • NCCP Coaching Athletes with a Disability – $15
  • Safe Sport Training – FREE
  • Leading a Return to Sport Participation – FREE
  • Mental Health in Sport – FREE

For more information on each of these offerings, including PD Points, click HERE or log into your NCCP Locker account.

Canucks Autism Network

  • Supporting Positive Behaviour – FREE
  • Access the training HERE using discount code:  JSCAN-A2B3C4D


  • Enhance performance and prevent injuries by improving focus, awareness and mindfulness.
  • NOW eligible to receive 3 PD Points for Ontario residents.
  • Click HERE to access.

Sport for Life – Community Sport Councils of Ontario

  • Cultural Awareness in Youth Sport
  • Effective Board Governance
  • Effective Communication
  • Recruitment & Retention of Volunteers
  • Risk Management in Sport
  • Click HERE to learn more.

Each of these eLearning options are available for FREE on a first-come-first serve basis through your Community Sport Council located in your city/region. To find your local council visit Community Sport Councils of Ontario.

If you unaware of your sport council or do not have a local council in your region, contact Donna Harrington at

Accessing your NCCP Locker account

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