Developing Stamina

  • February 12, 2015

Coach Responses

What is your approach to developing stamina in your athletes?

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Coach Barry Gubman – Tennis – Toronto – 8 Years

“In tennis stamina is extremely important. You are on your feet and moving side to side in the heat which could be for many hours. What I do is that I tell my students how stamina can positively impact your game for the better. On the court, we do many long-distance running drills in which my athletes can develop their stamina a bit better to be ahead of their competition.”

Coach Josh M. – Squash – Toronto

“Constancy. Stamina training is not about extremes, but instead constant disciplined moderate effort training.  Jahangir Khan, arguable the best squash player in history, and holder of the longest winning streak of any professional athlete (5 years and 8 months – 555 matches), used moderate, but consistent, stamina training to gain an advantage.

  • Get rest
  • Stay hydrated
  • Plan for long term development
  • Cross train
  • Develop the core

And don’t underestimate the value of mental preparation in endurance competitions. Worry and stress can seriously drain your energy. Maintain a clear mind you’ll find an extra well of energy to carry you through to the finish.”

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