Empowering Stories from Behind the Bench Webinar Series

Coaches from underrepresented communities tend to have fewer motivating role models available to them, and would greatly benefit from seeing coaches in leadership roles who look and sound like them.

That is why the CAO and MLSE have partnered to present a webinar series to inspire BIPOC and racialized youth, active coaches and aspiring coaches to see that they can be successful on the professional sport stage too.

Join BIPOC members of MLSE coaching staff for teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto FC as they share their empowering stories of overcoming adversities to coaching at the highest levels of sport.

Watch Videos from the Series:

Join Coach Sam, a first-generation Asian American, as he shares his journey from highschool hockey player to NHL coach.

Beginning his coaching career in 2009, Kim spent more than a decade honing his craft in top amateur hockey leagues, including the NCAA, USA Junior Hockey & AHL, as well as with the South Korean National Team. In 2020 he made the move to the NHL, joining the Toronto Maple Leafs as a Video & Coaching Coordinator.

Integrated into the stories about his teams, Coach Sam also discusses how to use video effectively with your athletes, including presenting video sessions, feedback and rules of engagement for coaches and players.

Join former Toronto FC defender turned coach Justin Morrow as he shares his story of going from professional player, to champion for diversity in sport leadership, and now coach in Major League Soccer (MLS).

As founder and executive director of Black Players for Change and 2021’s MLS Humanitarian of the Year, Morrow will shed light on how professional sport is adapting to ensure equity, diversity and inclusion are a part of the game more than ever before.

Through an athlete-centered coaching lens Justin explores practical ways that coaches can help their athletes realize their full potential and excel on and off the playing field.

Coming from a multi-sport background, Abercrombie began his hockey journey at the age of six with a local club in Washington founded by coach Neal Henderson, who the first Black man elected to the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame.

Abercrombie spent almost a decade as a senior instructor with former NHLer & coach Graeme Townshend’s hockey school and was personally responsible for the on ice development and off ice video work for NHL-players. Prior to joining the Leafs, he was also Assistant Coach at Stevenson University, the Washington Little Caps (U16AAA & u18AAA) and Georgetown Preparatory School.

Abercrombie never lost sight of his goal to coach in the NHL, and shares his passion as well as his coaching expertise in this engaging webinar.

Check back soon for new webinars in the series! For more on our Commitment to Change, please contact: coachesforchange@coachesontario.ca

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