Fundamental Movement Skills – High School Kit Program

Resources for Current FMS Program Teachers

This resource section has everything you need to run the FMS High School kit course.  Bookmark this page and return to it throughout the year as needed.

Running the Course – 5 Easy Steps

IMPORTANT! Teachers with previous versions of the FMS High School Kit will need to order the updated 2018 version to deliver the course. Previous years content will not be accepted.

Step 1 – If you’re new to the program – Order the FMS High School Kit. This kit can be reused in future years. It is a one time purchase. ($50.00 – tax and shipping incl.)

If you need more course manuals for students, they can be ordered at any time HERE.

Step 2 – At the start of the course have each student create an NCCP#.

Either send them to this online instructional page -> Getting your NCCP#

OR send them this PDF digitally or in print. -> Getting your NCCP# (PDF)

Step 3 – After the course is completed fill out this class list registration sheet. You will need the students NCCP# and other required student information. FMS Class Registration Form.

Step 4 – Send the filled out Registration sheet by email to Please include your name and your school’s name with the sheet.

Step 5 – That’s it!  The course will be entered into the national online coaching database called The Locker at Students will be able to view their coaching transcript there.

About the Program

What – The NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills Workshop gives community leaders and coaches working with children a process to teach and improve fundamental movement skills.

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) are the basic movements or precursor patterns to the more specialized and complex skills used in play, games, recreation and sports. This new program is based on the principles included in the Long-Term-Athlete-Development (LTAD) model and provides all participants with an NCCP credit. The program was developed by the Coaching Association of Canada.

See for more information on the LTAD model.

Who – The course is for high school students ages 16+ who will be working with children in sport, community recreation, camp settings, or any situation leading children in physical activity. The course is to be instructed by PHE Teachers.

Why – The FMS program focuses on basic principles of growth and maturation during the critical early years of development where physical literacy is crucial. Developing proper Fundamental Movement Skills at this critical age assures children are better prepared for mature physical activity and sport.

When/Where – The course is designed to integrate into existing PHE curriculum outcomes. Each module is 45 minutes long to be taught during regular class hours.

How – Sign up for the program by ordering the FMS High school kit online  HERE.