National Coaches Week 2022 – Community Clinic Application

For this years National Coaches Week in Ontario CAO will be selecting at least one application/community from each MTCS region to host an NCCP Community Clinic during National Coaches Week 2022 (Sept 17th-25th):

You provide:

  • A venue for the courses.
  • Support with promoting the courses. Help us reach your coaches!

We provide:

  • Coverage of the costs of running the courses. Your coaches pay $10/course. Your club pays nothing!
  • Learning facilitator
  • Course materials and logistics
  • Support with promotion

The Clinic:

The clinics will be a selection of NCCP multisport modules. Each clinic will run the following:

  • Make Ethical Decisions
  • Fundamental Movement Skills
  • 1-2 Additional Comp Intro courses of your choosing (Optional)

To Apply: Simply fill out the form below. If accepted we will contact you.

Host Organization Information

A dedicated community coaching champion that can help coordinate and promote an NCCP Community Clinic.
Click YES if you or your organization has NOT previously hosted an NCCP workshop

Host Organization Address

NCCP Community Clinic Venue(s)

Venues that would work well for this type of event include High Schools, University/College Athletic Centres, Community Centres, and Sport Complexes.
Leave Blank if same as Host Address
Leave Blank if same as Host Address
Please describe the number and kinds of spaces that can be utilised for the presentation portion of NCCP Trainings that typically require a classroom set-up of tables and chairs and A/V for Power Point Presentations
(Check all equipment the facility is equipped with)

NCCP Workshops

Final workshop selection and scheduling for the NCCP Community Clinic will be jointly determined by the Host Organization and CAO Lead taking in account the various logistical considerations. A minimum of 2-3 workshops must be run in total.
Specific organizations or programs that would be interested?

Community Coaching Campaign and NCW Promotional Plan

The selection of applications for a NCW in Ontario NCCP Community Clinic will be based on the answers and program plan in the following section. *CAO will be subsidising the costs of the NCCP Community Clinic Only (LF Honourarium & Expenses, Materials, Shipping) to keep Coach Fees nominal ($10)*. Additional support and cost-savings provided by the Host Organization be factored into application selection
Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Recognition Breakfast
  • Recruitment Luncheon
  • Mayor Proclamation
  • Promotional Effort to a specific target group in your community
  • Newspaper Article highlighting a coaches impact in your community
What else can you come up with to celebrate National Coaches Week in Ontario and enhance the NCCP workshops in your community?
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB
EX: Snacks for workshop participants or a Recognition Event for Community Coaches.
(Check all that apply)