Coach 2 Coach – BIPOC Mentorship Program

Coach 2 Coach Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) Mentorship Program is an exciting initiative which aims to provide greater support for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour to mentor and/or receive mentorship opportunities.

Why Black, Indigenous and People of Colour Coaches Make a Difference

Coaches make a huge impact on the athletes they coach. Having coaches from diverse backgrounds become mentors, provides apprentices with an opportunity to network and connects with coaches from similar experiences and backgrounds.

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“Seeing someone that looks like you having success in something you want to do is a great form of motivation and provides that reminder that it’s already been done before.”
– Jai Cunningham

  • Provide a mentorship model for BIPOC coaches in Ontario – within and across sports
  • Provide a resource hub for apprentice coaches to build and enhance their skills, abilities and knowledge
  • Provide coaches from a variety of sports with an opportunity to learn from highly trained coaches and experts across the province
  • Create a broader pool of coaches with qualifications and tools that meet the requirements for participating in coaching, from grassroots to competition development
  • Engage the system through PSO’s, education sector partnerships and community groups province-wide to cultivate an environment for balanced leadership
  • Build lasting supportive relationships between and among coaches to create a legacy program that is sustainable

So, how does CAO make matches?

  • When matching mentors and apprentice coaches, the needs and goals identified by each individual in their application will be analyzed and considered.
  • An Advisory Panel will factor in experience, age and context of athletes, and other needs
  • Followed by career path, special target group coaching, years of experience between apprentice and mentor

If apprentice’s have already coordinated a match with a mentor they can let the CAO staff know.

  • WHO: Black, Indigenous and People of Colour who want to become a Coach for the first time, OR an existing Coach looking to grow further as a coach and leader
  • WHY: Training, support, connections, enhancement

Participants receive:

  • 1-to-1 mentorship with an experienced mentor who will work with them to develop an individual learning plan
  • Honorarium for professional development
  • Free access to online PD webinars
  • An online community of coaches
  • Online resource hub

  • WHO: Experienced Black, Indigenous, People of Colour coaches who want to get involved in supporting female apprentices in their coach and leadership development
  • WHY: You will leave a legacy in your sport, receive support, tools, resources, mentorship training, and professional development

  • Applications open: June 1, 2022
  • Applications close: July 15 2022
  • Program Orientation: Mid-August 2022

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If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Brooke Leonardo, 416-426-7427.

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