About Coach 2 Coach


Coach 2 Coach is a monthly discussion on a coaching topic between coaches of all sports, at all levels, across Ontario. Its goal is to share coaching knowledge and experience between coaches of different sports at different levels. Generating greater community among Ontario Coaches is just a bonus!

Coach 2 Coach is created by Ontario Coaches for Ontario Coaches

The content in Coach 2 Coach is entirely submissions from Ontario coaches. We have an Ontario coach introduce a topic with a brief article followed by a related discussion topic. Ontario coaches respond sharing tips, tricks, and experiences from their own coaching. We release the responses in the next month’s Coach 2 Coach. You have something worth saying about coaching. We just facilitate the conversation.

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Coach 2 Coach: Step-by-Step

  • A topic is introduced in a short article, and a discussion question for the community is put forth.
  • Coaches (That’s you!) contribute their experiences and perspectives on the topic.
  • CAO and a team of dedicated coaches choose the responses that will make up next month’s issue.
  • The new Coach 2 Coach is released!  New discussion topic for the next months issue is put forth.

The Content Comes From You!


Anyone can contribute. Whether you’ve been coaching for 20 years or 20 days, national or community we want to hear from you. What can a basketball coach teach a baseball coach? What can a track coach teach a skating coach? Let’s find out. Someones coaching can benefit from your experience.


Coach 2 Coach Webinar Series

The Coach 2 Coach Webinar Series is a monthly opportunity for coaches across the province to receive free coaching professional development from top sports experts on various topics. Launched in April 2020, CAO aims to run at least one PD webinar every month.

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