Changing The Game


To close the gender gap in sport participation through the recruitment, retention and mentorship of female coaches.


Together we can create a gender balanced landscape for sport participation and leadership across Ontario.

Find out about the history of the C.T.G. program.

Changing the Game – Changing the Conversation is an exciting initiative dedicated to closing the gender gap in sport participation through the recruitment and mentorship of female coaches.

Why Girls Need Sport?

Participating in sports turns girls into women who lead. Studies show that individual self-confidence, self-worth and academic performance all improve when girls are regularly playing at least one sport.

Women Coaches Make a Difference

Research shows that girls’ participation in sport increases when a female coach is on the bench. Young girls want and need strong role models who can show them the path to their own leadership opportunities.

Changing the Game is a mentorship program for female coaches of all levels of experience in Ontario. Whether you are just picking up a whistle for the first time, or you’ve been coaching for 10 years, working with a mentor can help you to develop your skills and achieve your coaching goals. Using a professionally designed mentorship model, the Changing the Game program has already engaged over 400 apprentice coaches with the support of 150+ experienced sport coaching mentors. Even better, the program is completely free.

  • Provide a mentorship model for female coaches in Ontario – within and across sports
  • Provide a resource hub for apprentice coaches to build and enhance their skills, abilities and knowledge
  • Provide female coaches from a variety of sports with an opportunity to learn from highly trained coaches and experts across the province
  • Create a broader pool of coaches with qualifications and tools that meet the requirements for participating in coaching, from grassroots to competition development
  • Engage the system through PSO’s, education sector partnerships and community groups province-wide to cultivate an environment for balanced leadership
  • Build lasting supportive relationships between and among coaches to create a legacy program that is sustainable

  • WHO: Women who want to become a Coach for the first time, OR an existing Coach looking to grow further as a coach and leader
  • WHY: Training, support, connections, enhancement

Participants receive:

  • 1-to-1 mentorship with an experienced mentor who will work with them to develop an individual learning plan
  • Honorarium for professional development
  • Free access to online PD webinars
  • An online community of coaches
  • Online resource hub

  • WHO: Experienced coaches who want to get involved in supporting female apprentices in their coach and leadership development (Both Male and Female Coaches accepted as Mentors)
  • WHY: You will leave a legacy in your sport, receive support, tools, resources, mentorship training, and professional development

The CTG Mentorship Program year runs from August 2021 – to July 2022.
It is free to join and both mentors and apprentices will receive professional development (PD) credit on their locker account at the end of the program year. Just fill out the apprentice or mentor application profile in order to join this year’s program.

  • Applications open: July 2021
  • Applications close: August 2021
  • Program Orientation: Mid-August 2021

Interested in coaching but don’t know where to start?

The first thing to know: Anyone can be a coach. It is important to emphasize that some of the best coaches have not been elite athletes themselves, but have developed strengths in key areas such as motivation and communication with athletes, and demonstrating leadership through ey then available coaches. Your interest in coaching will be warmly welcomed.

The second thing to know: Coaches are in high demand. There are usually many more athletes and teams wanting to play than available coaches. Your interest in coaching will be warmly welcomed

Pick a sport! A sport you love, have played, or are interested in, is the best place to start. For parents, a sport your child is currently playing is a great choice as well.

Find a Club! Ok coach, you’ve got your sport and you’re ready to go. Next up is locating some athletes. Here is how to find a club:

  1. If you are already connected to a club (you’ve played there, or your child plays there) start with that club
  2. If someone you know coaches at a nearby club, that’s the second-best place to start
  3. The third option is a quick google search of nearby clubs for your sport
  4. If you’re total stuck, contact your Provincial Sport Organization

Now, reach out by phone or email to your club contact, clubs admin, or coaching friend with a message about volunteering as a coach.

Starting as an Assistant Coach to an existing Head Coach is a great way to begin. It usually involves less commitment, provides you with an experienced mentor, and gets you involved right away. Many head coaches will take on an assistant mid-season.

Get some training! Developing as a coach can take on many forms: NCCP training, mentoring, reading, events, and of course coaching experience.

If you’re completely new start with the NCCP Coaching Initiation module. This short online module will introduce you to the foundational skills in coaching, such as long-term athlete development, ethics, coaching motivation, and athlete safety and wellness. The Coach Initiation in Sport module will also introduce coaches to the NCCP, a valuable tool for preparing for a coach’s first in-person nCCP workshop.

Depending on your sport, you may be able to start right away as an assistant coach. Other sports require a few more NCCP courses before starting. Almost all head coaching positions required sport-specific NCCP training.

Get Coaching! You have a sport, a club, and some training. Time to get out there and start coaching.

Continue your Development!  Welcome to the big wide world of coaching. You’ve started on your path, had some success, but you know there is so much more to learn. With all the books, events, videos, and courses where should you start?

  • For general information on coaching start with the Coaches Association of Ontario
  • For Sport Specific information, and to find your NCCP Pathway, locate your Provincial Sport Organization
  • For national information on coaching visit the Coaches Association of Canada
  • Make sure to check out our awesome Resource page (Coming Soon!)

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Sarah Kelly, 416-426-7086.