• Tue, August 10, 2021
  • Online

NCCP Performance Planning

Tue, August 10, 2021

9:00AM - 12:00PM



9:00AM - 12:00PM





This course is offered as part of the 2021 NCCP Virtual Super Clinic taking place from August 7-15, 2021! This is a unique one-of-a-kind event where you can receive training in the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) in a number of different sports and courses at discounted prices up to 70% off!

Course Location: Web access from your own computer.

Course Dates and Times:

  • August 10, 2021 – 9am – 12:30pm EST*
  • August 11, 2021 – 9am – 12:30pm EST*
  • August 12, 2021 – 9am – 12:30pm EST*
  • August 13, 2021 – 9am – 12pm EST*

By August 7, the pre-workshop assignment must be submitted.

*Coaches must attend all dates to receive credit.

Coaches that login when the course content has started will not be allowed to participate and will be ejected from the course.

Cost: $99

To Register – Click HERE or visit www.coachesontario.ca/events/nccp-super-clinic to see the full list of available courses.

Online Course Information:

This is a live, NCCP Learning Facilitator led, interactive group based course offered online. You will be required to communicate and complete group work with other coaches. You must have your own computer with a headset containing a built-in microphone. Tablets and cellphones will NOT work.

Please email online@coachesontario.ca if you have any questions about online delivery.


  • All sessions will be 3 hours in length, except session 4, which will be approximately 90 minutes.
  • Please contact online@coachesontario.ca if you have any questions while working on your homework and we will connect you with the facilitator.
  • Login information will be provided a few days before the start of the workshop.
  • To complete the in-class and homework components, you will require Acrobat (free Acrobat Reader), and Microsoft Excel is strongly recommended, but you can work with any spreadsheet program.

Course Description:

This is a Competition Development multi-sport course.

In order to achieve peak performance, an athlete’s training program needs to be periodized according to the demands of their sport, as well as their individual development needs. The Performance Planning module allows coaches to reflect on the structure of a yearly plan, and appropriately sequence training and development priorities so as to achieve peak performance.

This module is a perfect next-step after the Design a Basic Sport Program module. It is recommended that the Performance Planning module be taken before the Advanced Practice Planning module.

After completing the NCCP Performance Planning (PPLAN) module, you will be able to:

  • Perform a thorough analysis of the demands of your athletes’ sport at the elite (high-performance) level;
  • Outline a program structure based on training and competition opportunities;
  • Identify appropriate measures for promoting athlete development within your own program;
  • Integrate yearly training priorities in your own program;
  • Organize and sequence training priorities and objectives on a weekly basis to optimize adaptations; and
  • Evaluate the ability of your athletes/team to perform up to their potential in competition

Important Registration Information:

  • This course is open only to ONTARIO RESIDENTS aged 16 years and older.
  • This course requires approximately two hours of pre-course work
  • This course may be postponed if registration minimums are not reached.
  • This program will utilize eMaterials. All NCCP materials are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced or redistributed without consent.

HIGHLY Recommended Order of Completion:

NCCP Developing Athletic Abilities –> NCCP Performance Planning –> NCCP Advanced Practice Planning


You must have your own computer with a headset containing a built-in microphone.

Tablets and cellphones will NOT work.

For any further question you can email us at education@coachesontario.ca or call 416-426-7086