PD Point Recognition

Are you hosting an event or training for coaches in Ontario?

Submit your event and/or training into the NCCP Locker database as professional development points!

This program is open to organizations and/or education providers looking to recognize coaches for their educational development outside of the NCCP.

Who Should Apply:

  1. Ontario Based Organizations
  2. Multi-sport focus event/training (Example: Applicable and/or open to coaches of multiple sports).

Who Should Not Apply:

  1. National organization and/or organizations with offerings outside Ontario.
  2. Sport specific focus event/training (Example: Applicable and/or open to coaches of that one (1) sport).

How It Works

  • Submit an application (First time applicant or Returning applicant) 
  • Pay the one-time $10 non-refundable application fee (For first time applicants only)

Please Note: Submission not does guarantee acceptance.

Once submited, CAO will conduct a review and vetting process of the information and content within 10-15 business days.

If Accepted, 

  • Sign an MOU with CAO.
  • Host must collect NCCP information from event participants (NCCP#) to be submitted to CAO upon conclusion of the event.

If Unaccepted,

  • CAO will inform the organization within 10-15 business days.

Upon conclusion of your event:

  • Submit NCCP information to CAO
  • CAO will invoice the host according to the fee structure prior to entry into the NCCP Locker database.


  • Once payment is received, CAO will enter and submit the event within 5 business days.

First time applying? Submit an application and pay $10 fee

Previously been accepted? Submit your next event

Frequently Asked Questions

If your organization has non-profit and/or charitable status:

  • One time $10 administrative application fee (non-refundable)
  • $1 per person (per NCCP number submitted)

If your organization is for-profit:

  • One time $10 administrative fee (non-refundable)
  • $2 per person (per NCCP number submitted)

Payment is required prior to CAO entering information into the Locker.

Upon submission by the organization, CAO will conducting a vetting process under the following principles:

  • Is the event sport specific? No sport specific events are accepted by CAO. These events and training’s need to be submitted by your respective Provincial Sport Organization (PSO).
  • Does the organization operate and/or offer events/training’s to residents beyond Ontario? (Example: Online learning)
    • If so, CAO must receive consent from the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) prior to approval.
  • Does the organization and content align with the values of Canadian sport and the NCCP Code of Ethics;
  • The content must not be in direct competition with any NCCP multi-sport module or NCCP sport-specific modules, but may compliment them;
  • Partnering must be in the best interest of promoting lifelong learning, promoting ease of access to learning opportunities, and ease of tracking in the Locker for Ontario coaches;
  • Partnering must adhere to the NCCP Professional Development Policy for distribution of point values to NCCP coaches;
  • Partnering must be respectful of the NCCP and CAO brand, and of the Partnership as a whole.

CAO reserves the right to engage appropriate outside expertise to vet and verify that the content is current, valid and research based.

What is a sport specific event?

Example: An event or training that is only applicable and/or open to coaches of that one (1) sport. 


Recognize coaches for attending your event or training as professional development credit in the NCCP Locker database!

The NCCP Locker database is the central hub in Canada for all coaches to have their training’s, events attended and development recorded. Think of it as the master transcript for all things relating to one’s coaching credentials.

Professional Development (PD) points are required for coaches to maintain their ACTIVE Certified status in the NCCP. The number of points vary slightly but most sports require 20-30 points over a 4-5 year period.

  • NCCP courses or evaluation events are worth 5 points each;

Individual coaches can also utilize the self-report function to award themselves up to a maximum of 8 points per cycle.

  • Up to 5 points for actively coaching (1 point per year)
  • Up to 3 points for other learning (webinars, events, training outside the NCCP)

A coach can log into their Locker account for an up-to-date record of PD points or contact the CAO directly at 416-426-7086 or via email at events@coachesontario.ca.

How Many Points is my Event Worth?

  • 1 Hour = 1 Point
  • 2 Hours = 2 Points
  • 3+ Hours = 3 Points

For any questions regarding how the process works or if your organization is eligible, please contact the CAO at events@coachesontario.ca.

First time applying? Submit an application and pay $10 fee

Previously been accepted? Submit your next event

Please contact us – the CAO Team is here to help!

Did you know you can self-report up to 8 PD Points per cycle