NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills

The learning activities in the NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) workshop will prepare you to:

  • Detect and correct basic errors for fundamental movement skills in participants so they have a choice to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle;
  • Apply a teaching process to fundamental movement skills;
  • Adapt fundamental movement skills for participants with intellectual, physical, sensory or behavioural disabilities;
  • Lead activities that will promote the development of fundamental movement skills in a safe, responsible manner while interacting with others; and
  • Provide stage-appropriate feedback to encourage and develop fundamental movement skills in participants.


Suitable for Instructors, Community and Competition Coaches

Course Length

5 Hours

PD Points


Fundamental Movement Skill – High School Kit

Certified PHE teachers can facilitate this NCCP course through a special kit. This kit restructures the course to integrate into existing PHE curriculum outcomes. Each module is 45 minutes long to be taught during regular class hours. This course gives high school students a process to teach fundamental movement skills to children.

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