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Win Every Play at #OCC19 - NOW OPEN!
Friday, November 30, 1 week agoNo Comments
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Congratulations to Ontario's Coaches!
Monday, September 24, 3 months ago
Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Ontario Coaching Excellence Awards! Hosted by CBC Sports Brenda Irving, the stars of coaching were celebrated for their outstanding accomplishments to their sports and communities. For twelve years, the Ontario Coaching Excellence Awards program has been celebrating the dedication and...
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Coach 2 Coach - What is Focus?
Tuesday, November 6, 1 month ago
Focus is one of the most important aspects of performance. The ability to focus is a skill that can be learned through deliberate and intentional mental training. But what is focus? Focusing, simply put, is the act of paying attention to particular elements of what we perceive. Energy follows the mind, so whatever we focus on...

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