Coach 2 Coach Mentorship Programs

Coach 2 Coach Mentorship programs offer coaches in Ontario from all levels of experience the opportunity to enhance their development by becoming an apprentice or a mentor. All of our mentorship programs are FREE for Ontario coaches.

Mentorship provides an incredible opportunity for both apprentice and mentor coaches to learn from one another’s experience. To teach and be taught is one of the most important legacies that a coach can leave – from Coach 2 Coach.

Which Program is Right for Me?

Learn more about the Female Mentorship Program.

Learn more about the Parasport Mentorship Program.

Learn more about the BIPOC Mentorship Program.

Learn more about the Ontario Colleges Mentorship Program.

  • An opportunity to share knowledge among other Ontario coaches
  • Impact on individual’s skill, ability, and career direction
  • Build networking opportunities for coaches
  • Increase your confidence
  • Gain professional development opportunities to enhance your coach education