NCCP Mentorship

The NCCP Mentorship (MENT) module prepares individuals for their roles as mentors with clarity of purpose and confidence in their actions. The training reaffirms and strengthens their abilities and skills as a mentor, while expanding upon the mentor’s knowledge of the mentoring process. Completing the training will provide the mentor with the necessary standards and protocols to implement mentoring within their coaching community.

Training includes small group tasks, discussions, and debriefs, with an emphasis on practicing the required communication skills of a mentor.

After completing the NCCP Mentorship module, you will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of mentoring;
  • Understand the process of cognitive coaching;
  • Acquire and use communication skills required to be an effective mentor; and
  • Use the three steps of the mentoring process.


Suitable for Instructors, Community and Competition Coaches

Course Length

7.25 Hours

PD Points


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