• September 23, 2017

The Ontario Coaching Excellence Awards celebrates the dedication and commitment of Ontario’s great coaches. The Awards recognize the importance of leadership, performance and the value of human insight which are all integral to great coaching.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Ontario Coaching Excellence Awards:

Grassroots Coach

Victoria Lee

Synchronized Swimming ● Toronto, ON

“I am confident our daughters will become synchro coaches to young athletes and this is because of the role model and leader Victoria has been.” – Parent

Grassroots Coach

Darryl Bricknell

Hockey ● Toronto, ON

“Because of coach Darryl and his demeanour, my son still enjoys playing hockey even if he is not the best player on the team.” – Parent

School Sport Coach

Laurie Baulcomb

School Sports ● Cambridge, ON

“Laurie’s coaching influence has left a permanent impression in me as I aspire to  be the quality of a coach she is.”  – Co-worker

School Sport Coach

Denis Gauthier

School Sports ● Sudbury, ON

Denis’s style is one of active learning, team building, respect, discipline and always encourages his players…” – Parent

Good to Great Coach

Jill Perry

Boxing ● Ottawa, ON

“She is always willing to put others before herself while doing whatever it takes…”Athlete

Good to Great Coach

Bradley Brennan

Rowing ● Kingston, ON

“I owe my entire sculling success to Brad. He goes above and beyond on all fronts and is the best coach…” – Athlete

Everyone Matters Coach

Colleen Didur

Canoe/Kayak ● Toronto, ON

“I continue to be amazed at the energy and vitality she offers to ensure the success of the program and more importantly of the athletes.” – Parent

Everyone Matters Coach

Pat Pembleton

Lacrosse ● Fort Erie, ON

“His support doesn’t speak to gender, it speaks to the potential in any individual willing to come out to practice and play.” – Athlete

Trailblazer Coach Award

Justin Shattraw & Mykal Travis

Football ● Petawawa, ON

“Justin & Myke are always thinking of ways to improve and make a difference in our league. These kids come back and beg for these guys to coach them again.” – Parent

2017 Event Photos

The CAO congratulates all of the award winners and coaches across Ontario for their commitment and dedication to ensuring Canadians live an active and healthy lifestyle. For more information on the Ontario Coaching Excellence Awards and nominating a coach in the future, visit https://www.coachesontario.ca/events/awards/.