Our Commitment

The Coaches Association of Ontario has seen the rise and increased visibility of anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism in Ontario, Canada and around the world. As an organization, CAO continues to educate ourselves and reflect on how we can help address racism targeted at Black, Indigenous and other racialized groups in the sport system.

Coaches are leaders in communities. As such, Black, Indigenous and coaches of Colour should be supported by the sport system, their communities, their peers and by us. There is no place for racism of any kind in sport. The mission of the Coaches Association of Ontario is to develop competent and certified coaches, and we want to be clear that part of being a competent and certified coach is being an anti-racist coach. 

Right now, collectively we have the opportunity to choose a path that will help to teach anti-racism to the next generation. It starts with becoming more discrimination literate, taking a clear stance and amplifying the voices of leaders in Black and Indigenous, as well as coaches of Colour and other underrepresented communities.

In order to be a part of this conversation we will:

  • Explore education and development opportunities for all coaches on how to be anti-racist and anti-discrimination in their coaching
  • Educate ourselves and understand the diverse needs of coaches in Ontario
  • Connect and dialogue with Black, Indigenous and coaches of Colour and underrepresented coaches in Ontario to provide the appropriate support and services to better recruit, retain and recognize them throughout their coaching journey
  • Advocate for Black, Indigenous and coaches of Colour in Ontario
  • Enable and empower members of underrepresented communities to be sport leaders and all sport leaders to be anti-racist

This work is necessary and will require difficult and sometimes uncomfortable conversations in order to achieve progress. We won’t be perfect, but we will strive to be better in getting this right for communities that have been left out of the conversation.

We hear you; we value you, and we are committed to working with you.

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