Coach 2 Coach – Practice Planning: Deep Dive

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Practice Planning: Deep Dive

Coach/Entraîneur: Yvon Brault Photo: John Major (CAC/ACE)

On Tuesday, February 11th join us from 7-8pm for a special 1-hour webinar about Practice Planning: Deep Dive.

How well do you really plan? This webinar will get you thinking about your individual practice plans, goals, feedback, and coaches roles. Planning is often a deciding factor to how well you or your team progresses. .Join Master Coach Developer Kathy Brook as she unpacks the practice plan.

The is a free webinar and participants will receive 1 PD Point on their Locker transcript.

About Our Speaker

KathyKathy Brook is a Master Coach Developer with the NCCP who has a Master’s of Physical Education. She has been delivering NCCP workshops and coaching for 20 years, and has supported the development of over 3000 coaches. Kathy is a Certified Professional Coach and is a mentor in the Change the Game program.




What are three practice planning tips you would share with a new coach?

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