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May 13

Fitness of the Mind: Mental Health On & Off The Field of Play

Enhance your understanding of common adolescent struggles, and the signs and symptoms of issues as…

April 28

Engage, Don't "Deal" With Parents: Building a Positive Parent Culture

Why are sporting parents often a source of frustration for coaches and athletes when they…

April 14

Movement Hygiene – Building Optimal Movement Patterns

Now more than ever, young people simply are not moving. Even during gym class or…

March 04

Equal Playing Time

Discussion: Some thoughts from Sport for Life The Benefits of Equal Playing Time for the Youth…

January 30

Practice Planning: Deep Dive

On Tuesday, February 11th join us from 7-8pm for a special 1-hour webinar about. Practice…

January 09

Athlete Mental Health – Reality Check!

Discussion: Some thoughts from the Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport: Mental health is necessary…

November 04

Coaching and Social Media

Discussion: You’re checking your email when suddenly, a Facebook friend request from an athlete pops…

October 10

Coaching Generation Z

Discussion: Last month we ran our first FREE Webinar for Coaches in Ontario about Coaching…

September 17

Working With Other Coaches

Discussion: From PCA DevZone: Working with Assistant Coaches Our society’s mythology glorifies the individual leader,…