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February 18

Emotional Intelligence & Building Stronger Relationships

One of many effective coaching attributes is the ability to develop a strong coach-athlete relationship.…

November 25

Overtraining After A Layoff: How You Can Help Your Athletes Avoid It

Returning to the playing field after a layoff, whether from injury, a facility closure or…

November 09

Preventing Bullying: How Coaches Can Lead The Way

According to recent statistics, 47 percent of Canadian parents report having a child who is…

October 26

Reducing Stress & Improving Performance: Mindfulness for You & Your Athletes

Mindfulness is being fully present in the moment, aware of our thoughts and feelings but…

August 04

The Power of Emotional Intelligence: Enhancing Performance & The Coach-Athlete Relationship

Emotional Intelligence is fundamental in developing a successful coach-athlete relationship, and ultimately enhancing performance and…

June 22

Athletic Performance and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport: Are Your Athletes At Risk?

Originally called “Female Athlete Triad”, Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) was termed to include…

June 02

Winning the Moment: Measuring the Success of Your Leadership

Getting the most out of our athletes can be difficult. However, before we ask our…

May 13

Fitness of the Mind: Mental Health On & Off The Field of Play

Enhance your understanding of common adolescent struggles, and the signs and symptoms of issues as…

April 28

Engage, Don't "Deal" With Parents: Building a Positive Parent Culture

Why are sporting parents often a source of frustration for coaches and athletes when they…