• September 20, 2014

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Ontario Coaching Excellence Awards:

Grassroots Coach

Melissa Last

Synchronized Swimming ● Toronto, ON

Grassroots Coach

Craig Stead

Soccer ● Ottawa, ON

School Sport Coach

Leslie Lawlor

School Sports ● Sydenham, ON

School Sport Coach

Ken VanderZwaag

School Sports ● Breslau, ON

Ken passed away shortly after being nominated for this award.

Good to Great Coach

Jennifer McMillan

Goalball ● Central, ON

Good to Great Coach

Mark Matheson

Softball ● Palmerston, ON

Everyone Matters Coach

Janet White

Para Track ● Durham, ON

Trailblazer Award

Kurt Tempelmans Plat

Badminton ● North Bay, ON

Andy Higgins Lifetime Achievement

Rico Mancini

Boxing ● Toronto, ON

The CAO congratulates all of the award winners and coaches across Ontario for their commitment and dedication to ensuring Canadians live an active and healthy lifestyle. For more information on the Ontario Coaching Excellence Awards and nominating a coach in the future, visit https://www.coachesontario.ca/events/awards/.