Movement Hygiene – Building Optimal Movement Patterns

  • April 14, 2020

Now more than ever, young people simply are not moving. Even during gym class or on a field at practice, there is often more standing around than actual physical movement. As a result, there is a greater need for a structured approach to maintaining healthy joints and fundamental movement patterns, both on and off the field of play. 

Join Jeff Overholt (PGA of Canada) for this dynamic webinar, where you will learn full-body “movement hygiene” routines which address active and passive mobility, while also diving into the concepts of “pressing reset,” which can be implemented with athletes both young and old.

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Coach Responses

How do you improve your athlete’s movement skills? 

How do you ensure your athlete’s maintain movement skills during this time? 

Share your tips and best practices!

Lianne Sherriff – Figure Skating – York Region – 25+ Years

“…During COVID-19, when our ice is not available, we have created a weekly “StarSkater Spring Scavenger Hunt” with a variety of physical activities that the skaters (and their siblings!) can do for points. We gave each skater a “kit” with a ball, hula hoop, bean bag, skipping rope, sport-specific stretcher, sidewalk chalk and 4 pylons. Weekly winners get a prize! Activities include sport-specific jump breakthroughs, plyometric “hopscotch” creations, skipping challenges (personal bests, double unders etc.), hula hoop challenges, plank “tik tok”, and “1-foot spiral to sit spin/squat” challenges. We also have a twice-weekly free Zoom class hosted by coaches who lead skaters in their area of expertise. We have adapted the challenges as needed to allow our athletes to get points within the restrictions their parents/environment place upon them. Our goal is participation!…”

Tim Stang – Fencing – St. Catherines – 20+ Years

“…Video coaching sessions with athletes, professional development, increasing coach education…”

Malcolm Sutherland – Hockey – Thunder Bay – 25+ Years

“…Very good resources now exist from fundamental movement aka functional movement specialists. Sometimes called flow from Yoga and other activities and training sessions are vital throughout an athlete’s training and performing seasons. I believe as a precursor for fundamental skill learning and as a component of training, movement skills must be developed and refined. It is basic physical literacy. I suggest reviewing animal walks/crawls as a great starting point for your athletes. They are fun, challenging and provide incredible physical benefit…”

Chery Bennett – Basketball – Guelph – 3 Years

“…I coach basketball and I have my athletes doing different competitions through the Homecourt App and submit (agility, basketball-specific drills)…”

Julie Walsh – Speed Skating – Kitchener – 14 Years

“…I sent them an endurance and strength maintenance program. I was sure to let them know that they can do as much or as little of the program as they want and I let them know to reach out to me if they have any issues…”

Brian Naidu – Muay Thai/Kickboxing – Mississauga – 9 Years

“…I have been running Zoom classes and private lessons online until we can get back into the gym…”

Gillian Ross – Equestrian – Burlington – 30 Years

“…Working with young non-competitive athletes, doing fun – fundamental movement exercises using video. Had our learning to compete/learn to train work on building workouts that focus on their needs, for our club (I volunteer not to coach each member) I am an equestrian coach so we are still building the concept of the rider as an athlete and building unmounted activities into their programs…”

Miranda Tomenson – Swimming – Toronto – 15 Years

“…Zoom mobility and strength sessions, Group bike trainer rides on Zoom, Dryland swim tubing and strength workouts…”

Lucien Peron – Basketball – Toronto – 5 Years

“…Keeping in touch, develop routines they can develop at home, leverage the additional time available due to reduced commute…”

Denise Bussiere – Gymnastics – Nepean – 38 Years

“…I provide conditioning programs, mental performance exercises, questionnaires (How are you doing?) promoting visualization…”

Rebecca van Staalduinen – Volleyball – Peterborough – 5 Years

“…Sharing home workout videos (that don’t require much equipment) that I find from reliable sources (registered strength coaches like Reid Hall versus just a regular youtube video)…”

Brock Bourgase – Basketball – Toronto – 23 Years

“…Sending drills, encouraging them to challenge each other, messaging them…”

Bernadette – Field Hockey – Mono – 5 Years

“…We have sent out training programs, fitness, monitor, and creating virtual learning environments. It’s a great idea to add a virtual movement learning as well….”

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