Developing Agility

  • December 02, 2014

Coach Responses

The ability to change direction with precision and efficiency is fundamental to most sports. 

What is your approach to developing agility in your athletes?

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Coach Bobby – Volleyball – Toronto – 10 Years

“A coach told us once that if he had a chance to do it again he would start all his athletes on the “agility ladder” program from day one. I incorporate the ladder drills into my warm up and as part of our regular practice. As the season progresses I can observe how fast the athletes are getting. It improves their balance and mobility.

It is very useful to start them early and young. It allows the younger athletes to develop their balance real early in their athletic journey. We deal a lot with very tall and sometimes “spurting” athlete and with the help of agility exercises it allows the “fast” growing athlete to obtain and maintain their balance as they go through their growth spurts.”

Coach Amanda Miles – Basketball – Markham

“I like to do a lot of breakdown drills focusing on activating the hips and turning from the hips and on the balls of your feet as opposed to turning from the knee and ankle. Working in partners helps the athletes to start gaining some observation skills by giving their partners feedback and focus on the skill so in their minds they are taking in what is going on from an observer instead of just as an athlete. Tennis balls are good for theses drills as it gives them something to reach for when making the change of direction (a target location) to get to.”

Coach Lindsay Matthews – Ice Hockey – Toronto – 5 Years

“Has to be one of the first activities of practice after the warm-up. Have to stress the high tempo of the drills, but also allow lots of rest between repetitions.”

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