• August 05, 2015

Coach Responses

What goals do you set with your team that don’t involve a number of wins?

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Coach   Rebecca Tolen  –  Soccer – Rainy River – 10 Years

“After some pre-season discussion on what the team needed to do to take our game to the next level, our soccer team made it a goal to become known for our short passing game.

We really wanted to get away from the kick and chase game. The girls worked really hard on consistently setting up the triangles, work on overlapping, using support, their first touch and communication.

By taking the time to set a goal, breaking down what is needed to reach the goal, we were successful. Success was not based on wins but how many times we were able to maintain control of the ball while we moved downfield.

The team chose their goals, picked skills needed to achieve the goal and set up drills to support that learning. While I may have chosen differently, by letting them take the lead, they took ownership of their learning.”

Coach Amanda Miles  – Basketball – Markham – 10+ years

“We always have a performance goal, what do they want to improve as a player. We also have a team goal, what do you want our team to have achieved by the end of the year (sometimes it is learning a specific play or other times it is developing a specific skill such as executing fast-break passes 90% of the time).”

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