Reducing Stress & Improving Performance: Mindfulness for You & Your Athletes

  • October 26, 2020

Mindfulness is being fully present in the moment, aware of our thoughts and feelings but not judging them or allowing them to distract ourselves or our athletes. But how can you use the techniques of mindfulness to reduce stress and improve performance?

This webinar will give you the tools to recognize and move past negative self-talk while training our brains to embrace mistakes, leading to higher levels of confidence and more positive emotions.

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Coach Responses

What techniques have you used for yourself/your athletes to reduce stress and improve performance?

Share your tips and best practices!

Julia Toljagic – Kayak – Scarborough

“For some workouts on the erg (indoor rowing machine), I have put a sticky note over the time/split so I can only see the remaining distance. This helps to reduce my stress over my performance because I can’t see how I’m doing. I haven’t used this technique on my athletes yet, but I will be trying it with one this Saturday! Excited to see how it affects their performance and feelings.”

Justin Disher – Hockey – Welland

“Prior to this webinar, I have always encouraged my athletes to visualize success prior to performing their competition. I have found running scenarios through your mind before putting them into practice helps reduce the nervousness during competition because you already have a plan in place on what you want to accomplish and how to get there. I find with this solid foundation that your natural abilities can then take over and adapt to the specific situations you are presented.”

Peter Menyasz – Soccer – Nepean

“Stress and the learning environment are top of mind when planning and executing practices and running games. I hold team meetings to go over strategies including visualization, positive self-talk and goal-setting.”

Miranda Tomenson – Swimming – Toronto

“I think focusing on the positive is great. I have an athlete who is really hard on himself, so I try to tell him to focus on what he does well. I also like the advice of turning “I can’t do this” into “I can’t do this right now”.”

Paul Young – Football – Ottawa

“By somewhat controlling the environment by maintaining a calming voice, presence and reducing my athlete’s anxiety through breathing and setting a positive example for them to follow.”

Carol Christie – Fencing – London

“Focus on what you want to do ie attention; mistakes help you learn; breathe; train hard with your team and have fun; keep learning – keep improving; celebrate; cheer for your team; care for yourself – food, sleep, work, play.”

David Cheng – Badminton – Markham

“The breathing method, self-evaluation, awareness, dealing with mistakes, and the use of perspectives.”

Olga Kashkevich – Gymnastics – Mississauga

“We used breathing techniques and focusing on the present. We also try using the “not yet” terminology when kids have a hard time with skills.”

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