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How Technology Has Impacted Coaching

What kinds of technology do you use to manage your athletes and team?  Have advances in technology made coaching easier or harder? 

Coach/Entraîneur: Lyle Cameron Photo: Andre Forget (CAC/ACE)

How Technology Has Impacted Coaching 

Every day it seems like a new piece of technology comes out and it doesn’t matter what you use, it can be hard to stay up to date. From new phones, electronics, and apps, technology continues to make major changes in almost every part of our everyday lives.

In the world of sports, technology has impacted almost every aspect of playing, watching and coaching. Have those advances in technology made coaching jobs easier or harder? Depending on who you ask, you may get a different answer. In many ways though, technology has increased the demands of coaches from team management and communication, but also created new ways to get the very best out of training and performance of athletes.

Training & Performance
Whether you’re working at the grassroots or high performance level, technology has greatly impacted the way coaches and athletes train and perform. With the rise in wearable technologies, athlete monitoring systems measuring and tracking athletic progress in real time, athletes and coaches can see not only how, but how well their athletes are performing at every point in a workout and or competition.

Like a machine, athletes are able to look at a dashboard that shows how their engine is running, and coaches are like their mechanics, fine tuning the engine to perform at its best.

Communication & Management
With the rise of social media, email and applications, the advances in communications has increased dramatically. The need and ability to share instant updates and information is paramount to the management of one’s team, club or league.

Apps like TeamSnap exist to help coaches save time communicating and managing their teams, clubs and leagues. Acting like a central location for all of your information, you can schedule, communicate and administer every aspect, including registration online rather than paper forms!

Technological advances have enabled coaches to be able to better communicate and manage everyone and all aspects of their team at the click of a button. With better communication comes faster results, timely updates, and winning outcomes.

Video & Analysis
Every electronic device it seems nowadays has a camera and every coach, parent or athlete is equipped with a phone, tablet or recording device.

Everything from smartphones to Imovie, tablets and mobile applications, offer the easy ability to record, review, and replay performances instantly. These technological advances have revolutionized the way coaches coach their athletes. With frame by frame analysis and performance metrics available at the press of a button, video continues to offer coaches strategic performance enhancements.

Coaching can be stressful no matter which level, sport or how long you’ve been coaching and new technological advances are there to help your athletes perform better and make your job easier. From advances in training, communication, and analysis, technology will no doubt continue to evolve from where we are today.

How has technology impacted your coaching?
What kinds of technology do you use to manage your athletes and team? Have advances in technology made coaching easier or harder?